Daily Regimen for My One Year Old

Let’s just say that my transition to motherhood wasn’t the smoothest.  And like most first time mums, there has been a lot of trial and error.  So, to finally have a daily routine that’s working well, feels like a huge accomplishment.  Prior to establishing this routine, my stress level was out the roof, my business was suffering and I was feeling defeated and burnt out.

My husband, Jason and I are both self-employed and work from home parents. Balancing our businesses, parenting and marital responsibilities had become overwhelming.  I came up with this schedule not only to provide Zuri with the structure and routine that toddlers need but also as a way for Jason and I to better function in our numerous roles.


One year old schedule for the work at home mom.

Here is what our days looks like:

7:30AM- Zuri wakes up at 7:30am sharp.  If she wakes up a little earlier, she usually entertains herself until my husband or I get her.  We then give her milk, get her dressed for the day and prepare breakfast.  She’s no longer getting breast milk so we supplement with Ripple milk.

8:00AM  We usually place Zuri in her high chair while we prepare breakfast. That’s pretty challenging since she has very little patience when it comes to her food. We use music or our favorite YouTube channel Akili to entertain her while we make breakfast.

8:30AM – 9:30AM After breakfast, she plays for an hour.

9:30AM – 11:00AM At 9:15am, we start winding her down for her first nap of the day.  Prior to this schedule, Zuri only napped when my husband, or I rocked her to sleep.  However, as soon as we put her in her crib, she would wake up and scream bloody murder.  It became very difficult getting her to nap, so we napped trained her using a variation of the Ferber Method. It took two days for her to adjust to her nap schedule. While she naps, I usually shower and have my morning tea. 

11:00AM As soon as she wakes up from her nap, we give her milk and she plays until it’s time to prepare her lunch.

12:00PM At 11:30ish we prepare lunch. Her meals typically consist of a protein, grain, veggie and fruit.  She eats fish but we have no immediate plans to introduce meat to her diet.  Nutrition and dieting are hard enough as an adult.  We are trying our best to set up her for success by creating healthy eating habits. 

12:30PM – 1:30PM After lunch, she plays for a bit until her second nap of the day.  We love using these picture cards during playtime.

1:30PM – 3:00PM For both her morning and afternoon nap, we use this sound machine to soothe and relax her.  We also use it to help her sleep at night. 

3:00PM Upon waking up from her nap, we give her a snack. Snacks usually consist of a piece of fruit, or organic snacks like these.

3:00PM- 5:00PM- During these two hours, we continue with playtime/exploration time. Playtime also includes walks, reading books and lots of sensory activities.

5:00PM Around 4:30pm we start preparing dinner for her. Dinner is typically the same makeup as lunch but we try and give her as much variety as possible so that she’s not bored. We also do baby led weaning. These three items, here, here and here are a must for our mealtime.  At the moment she’s a good eater but like most toddlers, she’s unpredictable. One day she loves broccoli and then next day, she feeds it all to our dog, Leila.

6:00PM Before bedtime, we bathe her and start winding her down. We use a faucet cover to protect Zuri during bath time.

7:00PM- We used the Ferber method when she was three months old as per our Pediatrician’s recommendation. She’s been sleeping for twelve hours straight since then.

One year old schedule for the work at home mom.

Although this schedule has been working extremely well for us, we are not rigid.  We follow Zuri’s lead.  If she’s not showing signs of sleepiness, we push her nap time back a little.  If she’s showing signs of hunger earlier than her schedule mealtime, we feed her earlier.  If I’ve learned anything in the past year is that babies are finicky and unpredictable.  The more flexible and adaptable you are to change, the less stressful parenting is.

Also, Jason and I share the responsibilities of taking care of Zuri. We rotate schedules daily so that we both get opportunities to rest and get work done. This system has literally revolutionized our lives. During her two naps, I typically work on event proposals and respond to emails. On days when I’m exhausted or stressed, I use her nap time to catch up on sleep.  

Three days a week, my saint of a mother, comes over and watches Zuri. On those days, Jason and I dedicate to our businesses and running errands. I know that as she grows, this schedule will change, but for now, I am enjoying every minute of it.

Do you have a daily routine for your little one? Don’t forget to pin below for later!

One year old schedule for the work at home mom.

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  1. Pia says

    I absolutely LOVE your blog!! I too am a first time mom and have a 9 and half month old son so it was refreshing to read up on your blog and see what your routine is. I am impressed by it! I also love that you show what you use during mealtime, thank you! Looking forward to reading the next blog! 😁

    • makiniregal says

      Thank you so much, Pia! I am elated that you found this post helpful. I will definitely be posting more mamahood stuff soon! xo

    • Melonie P. says

      Love your blog! I’m Not a mom (yet) but definitely learning a bit on how to balance your own business and being a mother which is a concern of mine with having my own practice. Thank you for your honesty and tips to the trade!

  2. Dayna says

    Making I love your blog! My husband and I have a 16 month old who never sleeps past 6am (insert tears). He drinks organic whole milk (used to breast feed for a year) because I didn’t know about a high protein non dairy alternative. Thank you for letting us know about Ripple. We will give it a try!

    • makiniregal says

      Thank you so much, Dayna!! Ripple milk has been a life savor for us. Its very high in demand though so it can be difficult to find. If you try it and like it, get a few bottles at a time.

  3. Asia says

    Yes, as a first time mom to an 8month old this was indeed refreshing. Since returning to work, I have yet to set a routine for my baby. I just let him play and sleep when ever he wants, but it is becoming overwhelming especially when it’s 11pm and he’s still up wanting to play. I will definitely look into that sleep training method thank you so much. God bless

    • makiniregal says

      You’re so welcome! We did sleep and nap training for that exact reason. Zuri had no real structure and we were struggling through each day. Good luck, Mama! The first few days of sleep training can be rough but hang in there.

  4. Aqmeri says

    Love and appreciate this post so much. I’m a new mama to a beautiful 13month old baby girl, who also works from home. Our routine has shifted so much and I’ve been struggling to get some structure back. This example
    Is really great and gives me hope. xoxo

    • makiniregal says

      I am so glad you found this post to be helpful! Wishing you and your sweet girl luck in finding a routine that works for you both.

  5. Moira says

    Hi Makini! Thanks for your honesty about your transition to your new role as a mother. I found so much truth to it. My child is also dairy free and meat free. (Like me) Baby led weaning was such a great choice for us too! I am so glad you found a balance for your family and work. I’m going to keep reading so I can add more beauty to my home and life. I really love your eye and attention to details. Keep up the great work!

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